City of Edmonds "On the Fence" Exhibit

Snohomish artist Michael Eggers’ temporary art installation, “Salmon Run,” can now be viewed at Dayton Street and Second Avenue South as part of Edmonds Arts Commission’s “On the Fence” program.

The installation is a reminder of the salmon spawning runs through local rivers.
“Salmon are a part of our Northwest identity,” Eggers said. “It is our responsibility to sustain their habitat for the future.”

The art features salmon silhouettes cut out of plywood and painted in sparkle spray paint to reflect sunlight. The silhouettes are arranged in a repeated infinity symbol pattern symbolizing the endless pursuit of environmental stewardship.

Eggers is a self-taught photographer, sculptor and painter. He said his preference is for the abstract because of the way abstraction is left open to interpretation by the viewer.
His work has been shown at the Schack Art Center, Shoreline Arts Festival, Saaski Gallery in Snohomish and artEAST Art Center in Issaquah.

Three fence sites are available for art installations as part of “On the Fence”:  the one at Dayton and Second, one on Sixth Avenue North and one just east of 700 Main Street at the Frances Anderson Center playfield.  Artists are encouraged to apply.

Information is available at or by calling 425-771-0228. For more information on Michael Eggers, go to